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Dr. Nishan Pressley

Dr. Nishan Pressley
Dr. Nishan Pressley is a shining example in the world of eye care. Originally hailing from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, she graduated with magna cum laude honors from The Norfolk State University, setting the stage for a remarkable career that continues to redefine optometry.
Dr. Pressley obtained her Doctor of Optometry degree from The Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University, where she achieved a remarkable milestone as the first African-American to graduate from the Accelerated Scholars Optometry program, completing her doctorate degree in just three years.
Dr. Pressley's patient-centric approach is the cornerstone of her practice. She puts her patients first, ensuring they receive the highest standard of care and personalized attention. Her dedication to patient well-being is reflected in her comprehensive understanding of primary eye care and ocular disease management — including but not limited to glaucoma management, diabetic eye exams, emergency eye care, and contact lens fittings.  Dr. Pressley's commitment to excellence in these domains ensures that her patients receive the most thorough and compassionate care, addressing their unique needs with precision and empathy.
Beyond her groundbreaking educational & professional achievements, Dr. Pressley is a dynamic influencer in the realm of eye care, captivating and educating over 180,000 social media followers across various platforms under her moniker, @askdrnish. Her engaging and informative content on eye health and vision-related topics has positioned her as a respected figure in the industry, making her an essential resource for individuals seeking eye care guidance.
Outside of her thriving professional life, Dr. Pressley finds balance in her personal life, cherishing moments with her husband and relishing quality time spent together. 
Welcome to our new optometrist, Dr. Nishan Pressley! She will be available on Mondays and some Fridays. Click to “meet” her here!